16 Week Front End
Coding Bootcamp

$0 Tuition
Internship Program

(Multiple Openings)

Internship/Job Duration:

March 26th, 2018 - July 14th, 2018
Internship starts and ends same dates as 16 Week Bootcamp Session

Classroom/Bootcamp Hours:

Mon - Fri: 6:30 PM - 9:45 PM
Saturday : 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Internship Hours:

Flexible hours

Job/Internship Description:

SCI Creative is looking for candidates eager to start a career as a Front End Web developer. No previous experience is necessary for this internship. Interns will gain experience in transforming UI designs into fully functioning web sites using HTML, CSS and Javascript libraries. This is a great opportunity to apply the skills learned in the 16 week coding bootcamp program. Interns will benefit from gaining real world experience in an Agile environment. Agile development is an IT standard and sought after by many companies seeking new developers. Job/Internship duties also include image/content optimization, implementing best W3C standards and practices, as well as administrative tasks as needed. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to complete a coding bootcamp and gain valuable resume building experience and a strong portfolio at the same time.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required


Must be at least 18 years of age, US citizen or green card holder, and available during both internship and classroom hours. Internship hours are flexible and will be discussed with selected candidates.


All applicants must complete an on-site pre-assessment. Pre-assessment dates are listed in the Internship application below.


Selected Interns are compensated by being awarded $0 tuition fee.
Normal tuition fee is $10,000.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Job: Marketing
Primary Location: United States-Ohio-Beachwood, OH
Schedule: Seeking Full-time and Part Time Interns
Employee Status: Intern

The 16 Week Front End Coding Bootcamp

Computer Programming Basics
During the Computer Programming Basics Module, we will lay the foundation necessary to succeed in any programming language. This module covers topics that include basic computer programming logic, file management and browser/server relationships.
Full Stack UI Development
The Full Stack UI Development module covers the core languages used in UX development. Javascript, HTML, CSS and jQuery are the programming languages covered in this module.
Tools & Best Practices
Tools & Best Practices takes a closer look at web development coding structure, best W3C standards, and various text editing tools, wireframing software, project management software, and Adobe Suite software, as well as online developer resources.
Project Management & Collaboration
Project Management & Collaboration provides hands on experience in managing team projects in a realistic programming development environment. All UI (User Interface) developers must have hands on experience in working with back end developers and other front end developers to complete the development of web applications. In this module you will work with tools such as GIT to gain real work experience in being part of a development team.
Mobile Development
The Mobile Development module teaches you how to code for mobile first. You will develop your first mobile app during this module. You will also learn bootstrap in addition to developing a custom responsive platform to accrue proven skills in mobile development to add to your portfolio.
UX Design
UI Design is the first step of UX web development. A well coded web site that no one can intuitively use does no one any good. The UI Design module will teach you best UX practices, as well as teach you to use industry standard wirframing software such as Axure. The UX skills and knowledge you will gain during this module, as well as the resulting wireframes and mocks you will complete to add to your portfolio will result in a stronger resume and portfolio.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to change lives through careers in technology.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have 10+ years of industry experience. The strength of our curriculum is that it is taught by instructors "who do". In other words, our instructors are active developers. As a result, our curriculum is always current and relevant. We take pride in offering a curriculum that equips our students with the current skills employees are seeking.

Employer Network & Career Launch Network Event

Our employer network consists of 100's of employers who work with us to employ our students once they graduate from our program. All students who complete the 16 week coding bootcamp, are invited to attend our career launch networking event. During this event, you will meet our employer partners face to face and benefit from the opportunity to interview for current frontend development positions, as well as show case your hard work through your portfolio. This is your time to show off all of your hard work and new skillset.

Contact Us

Please forward all questions to:

Please, no phone calls.
Selected Candidates will be contacted directly.

SCI Creative
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